5 Things To Remember When You Have To Fight


You are standing there, with three people in front of you that want to kick your teeth down your throat.

You tried awareness, avoidance and de-escalation but it did not work. The sh#t is about to go real, and your heart is racing.

You have no options; you have to fight, you must now fight to survive.

This is a situation that I hope you never have to face but if you do here are five things that you need to remember when the fight is on!


1. They Are Not Expecting You To Put Up A Fight

In all the incidents I have seen one thing remains clear. The attackers never expect the defenders to put up much of a fight, and this is a clear advantage you have.

The fact that the attackers might get hurt has never crossed their mind, and when it happens, this will shock them. My advice is to go hard in with hammer fist strikes. We know that these attacks are both far more powerful and faster than punches.

When your hammer strikes land, they will shock the attackers, and this will put the tempo of the fight in your favour as they start to take a backwards step.


2. They Have Never Been Hit As Hard As You Are Going To Hit Them

A lot of people hit hard. They grow up training with their brothers, in boxing clubs and even in yards all across the globe.

Some basic YouTube instruction can go a long way if you are determined enough. The result is that a lot of people can hit hard, but those same individuals have rarely been hit hard back!

This is your advantage, and you need to hit them so hard that you ‘rattle their ancestors’. A long time ago I was involved in a work-related incident with a  huge guy. I am talking 6 ft 5 and weighing in and over 20 stone/ 280 pounds.

This guy was like a bear. Guess what happened? He took a punch in the teeth, and he stopped and covered his face. In all the years he had  intimidated people with his size he had never been hit bang in the teeth with a hard punch.


3. Do Not Give Up

Just as they will not have been hit as hard as you are about to hit them, the same often applies to you.

The last time someone hit you hard with a bare knuckle fist was possibly when you were in school, so you have to realise that you are going to get hit.

What you do not want to happen is that you take a hard shot, feel the soft cartilage of your nose break and then you stop fighting to check your nose.

If you take a shot, cover up better and then send a salvo back that will make them pay!


4. Own The Environment

Just before the first punches are thrown you need to look around the environment and risk assess.

For example, if I was on train platform the risk is going to be the train track, I do not want to be fighting near the track.

A road is another example, if you are in a busy high street at night with taxis driving up and down, this is an issue if you end up in the street. I have seen a lot of people fighting that end up hit by cars.

Glass on the ground, soaking wet dance floors where beer has spilt, and even a beach can make fighting far more challenging. Make sure you look around and know the risks, then use them to your advantage if you can.


5. You Will Not Get A Second Chance

The last thing you need to remember before the fight goes ‘live’ is that this is not a dress rehearsal.

You will not get to have an automatic rematch for the title; the referee will not step in and the corner cannot throw in the towel.

You can wish you were somewhere else, have a little pity party for yourself, or you can get back to the task and dig in.

Some assholes have decided to ruin your night, inflict harm upon you and want to pound your face into a bloody mess.

Are you going to let that happen? Or are you going to deliver the fight of your life? I know which I would choose.

You have one chance at this so get your head into the game!



I know the thought of a real fight is scary, even now it scares me to death because you can get hurt. I have a family to go home to and kids to raise, so if someone chooses to try and hurt me they are going to have a serious issue on their hands!

When you are training it can be tough to make this ‘real’. You are in a gym with your friends, and it might seem like fun.

You need to learn to ‘flick the switch’. When it is your turn to hit the pads or go in the middle make that ‘real’ in your mind.

These aren’t pads that are hitting you they are punches and kicks.

Now go and train harder than you did last time because that is how you are going to improve.

Thanks for reading.