A Question?

What is the Most Powerful Instinct of the Human?


To Survive...

This provocative and inspirational DNA training video package and accompanying training manual will instigate, provoke, challenge and revolutionize the way you think and approach your fight training forever…

And this is only the beginning of an incredible multidimensional journey into the world of self-discovery.

Keeping it Real

We live in an ever changing world; evolution being a natural cycle of life. Things are constantly changing and progressing all around us; fighting skills and abilities are no different… they are evolving all the time. We all need to adapt to the changes that are occurring within our communities, especially with regards to self-preservation of ourselves, and our loved ones.

The nucleus of the DNA Fight Science is the CULTIVATION of INSTINCT. And is a direct consequence of real events, experiences, and subsequent years of research and investigation in the “Lab”.

The DNA Fight Science process has a radically modern approach, hence old and primitive traditions do not bind it, nor do they limit the never ending process of evolution.

If you are a genuinely open minded scholar of the arts, and ready to learn and evolve your abilities and attributes in order to become an efficient, dynamic and ballistic FIGHTING MACHINE - then look no further than the all new DNA Fight Science Training Package by Defence Lab.

Creative and innovative information is key in the pursuance of excellence. Pressing the boundaries of the conditioned mind is never easy, but totally ESSENTIAL if you are to learn and develop the elusive skill sets that elude most…. YET, actively chasing!


Do You REALLY Want to Become a "Fighter" or Just Think You Do?

If you are truly ready to grow and develop as a human being - and then become competent within the art of street-defense applications; then you must first break free from all past conditioning.

Learning is non-accumulative, therefore we cannot store learning as we can knowledge, learning occurs on a daily basis, and once we have “learnt” something new it becomes knowledge, which is now of the past.

Defence Lab with its new DNA Fight Science System is always in a state of constant evolution, never standing still, nor professing to have all the answers, but fuelled by constant and pressurised research and investigation.

After you purchase the new DNA FIGHT SCIENCE TRAINING PACKAGE today, your perception and ability of how to survive, and thus fight your way out of a violent street altercation will immediately improve.  You'll begin developing your Defence in Action skills immediately.

You will become the fighter you've always wanted to be... but has always felt just out of your reach.

In 2015, its very difficult to find, or see something you haven’t already seen before, but hopefully we can stimulate and provoke you into looking at things from a different perspective.

How cool is that to keep on learning?!   Thinking you know everything is very limiting and egotistical, some of the greatest fighters are of extremely humble nature.

Be Honest, Kind, and Humble, BUT FIGHT HARD, when you must!

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Matt Bryers, Jiu-Jitsu and Strength Academy

I have been training martial arts for over 20 years - primarily jiu-jitsu.  I have experienced many so called "street fighting" systems - but always felt like they were ineffective, unproven, and a waste of my time.

A couple of years ago I attended a Defence Lab seminar last minute and met Andy Norman.  I was shocked at the effectiveness of the DNA System.  I knew that day, that I wanted to learn the DNA Fighting System.

Liam Neeson, Actor

Hi I am Liam Neeson, I first met Andy Norman back in 2004 when we were preparing to shoot Batman Begins We brought Andy on as a fight consultant. Not only is he a great superb guy, but is now evolved this incredible defense system called DNA – Defense in Action.

If you really want a self-protection defense system, this is the way to go. Andy Norman He’s your guy.


A little about me!

Over the years I have become notorious for many things; namely my maverick attitude towards, well, pretty much everything really.

Most people live inside the framework of what they consider to be normality, but without those who can, and do live outside this framework of security, many of the great inventions, advancements and spectacular technologies created throughout history would simply have never been!..

So great things are spawned from what many consider to be crazy, until it becomes the “norm”…

What inspired the naming of the new DNA Fight Science?

Well as scientists spent years and years decrypting the DNA code, I have, and continue to try and decrypt the chaos code.

Developing training methodologies that greatly enhance the ability to deal with and understand the associated problems with mass attack altercations.

I have always been fascinated with the study of the human; DNA clearly been a “secret” code of our genetic makeup. I have always, right from the very beginning of my studies, been captivated with the process of Defence in Action; how to make a defence mechanism the most brutal form of self-defence, as luck would have it, DNA can also be seen as an abbreviation for Defence ‘n’ A… so there you have it…

DNA – Defence in Action; perfectly describes what we do, and what I have been doing all my life.

DNA is the “secret code” of life, it can be considered as one of the building blocks of the body. In a nut shell DNA is quite simply YOU!

So the human already possess within an incredible primal instinct, BUT wait, there’s a twist here; due to the society that we all now live within, the human has become domesticated, what does that mean? Well domestication in a nutshell basically means that our primal instinct has become dormant, redundant, no longer needed in its true and real form!

So, this domestication has confused the Human; it has caused the human to lose touch with its true primal instinct, yet it is this inherent primal instinct that bequeaths us the ability to out think all other animals, thus placing us at the top of the predatory tree of life.

The "Wussification" of Martial Arts and Man

Humans have become incredibly domesticated, so much so that they have lost touch with the real essence of life – which is….

Martial Arts are in our DNA.  Humans WERE fighters.  
Martial Arts were originally developed for.....

  • Ability to Protect Self, Family and Offspring
  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development
  • Understanding of Betterment and Personal Well-Being

But Modern Society has made humans WEAK.  We have forgotten what it's like to survive.   It's in our DNA!!  What happened to developing our Survival and Fighting Instincts??

  • Martial Arts Training is now considered as a Hobby or just Exercise
  • Humans have watered down the ESSENCE of Survival
  • Real Martial Arts Training for Survival is Rarely Found - because it's too "hard" for most people.


DNA is our personal code, it’s who we are, it's in our BLOOD. Awaken your DNA and Remember WHO you are! You are a Survivalist, You are a Warrior and You will Fight for Yourself, Your Family and Your Loved Ones.

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Introducing Defence Lab...

"We Study Violence so as to Escape it, Prevent it, And if all else fails.... Utilize it Ourselves To Survive"

  • 1 - More Than a Martial Art

    DL – Not just a simple martial art that you learn, but rather a way of provoking self-analysis

  • 2 - Understanding Who We Are

    DL – Studying the human, its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual structures, strengths and weaknesses

  • 3 - Finding the Truth

    DL – Constantly provoking questions that stimulate the quest for self truths

  • 4 - Always Questioning

    DL – Relentlessly questioning conditioned boundaries

  • 5 - Discover Yourself

    DL Helping you to challenge & discover… YOU!!

Awaken Your DNA - and Discover Your Ability to Fight, Survive and Protect Your Loved Ones

You Possess Amazing Genetic Inheritances and Mind Boggling DNA...

DNA is the "secret" code of life, it can be considered as one of the building blocks of the body.  In a nut shell DNA is quite simply.... YOU!


bigsoftwarebox_900x861This isn’t just a training package about self-defense. This is the most complete, battle-tested, peer reviewed training packages ever developed to aid YOU on your journey to discovering YOUR potential.

From this point forward the DNA Fight Science will forever be a staple in your arsenal and allow you to harness your full potential.... AND MUCH MORE! We knew this was going to revolutionize the martial arts world so we left no stone unturned and have spent over 20 years developing, exploring and enhancing the DNA Fight Science - so YOU can reap the benefits!

Nothing got into this training package if it didn't pass the Defence Lab Standard.

  • Make YOU the main focus and help YOU get better at discovering your full-potential
  • Hold nothing back and reveal all of our proven training secrets
  • Back everything with fight science and real-world experience
  • Have the package peer-reviewed and APPROVED by martial arts industry leaders

Imagine what it took to take 20 years of experience, 1000s of hours training, countless real-world "experiences" aka fights, and ensuring that no matter what, we ask and SOLVE the question: Does it Really Work?

Unlock the Potential in Your DNA

You will see that the real genius of DNA Fight Science is that you will be able to tap into your DNA. You'll learn to awake the code within your blood and give you the ability to FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL.

  • If you've never trained martial arts or a fight system before, you'll immediately learn effective and realistic self-defense
  • If you've trained other martial arts before, the DNA Fight Science will ENHANCE what you already do.
  • If you are already a Defence Lab Student, this package will increase your ability IMMEDIATELY.

Regardless, if you are brand new, have experience in other martial arts, or are just looking to enhance your skills - the DNA Fight Science Training Package will help you gain the ability for Fighting to Survive.



You'll get INSTANT online access to the DNA Fight Science Training Package and all the FAST-ACTION Bonus Products.

x4 DNA Fight Science Online Video Courses:
Investigate the Areas of Study in DNA Fight Science

These Scientific Training Courses Will Teach You How To....

  • Defend Against All 7-Major Knockout Points in One Move – All at the Same Time.
  • Learn to Develop Knockout Power from ALL positions, including knees, sitting, and lying.
  • Become a DNA Warrior on the Ground
  • Learn how to use DNA in YOUR Martial Art
  • Become a force to be reckoned with in the Bars, Clubs and Close-Quarter Encounters
  • Defend Yourself, Your Family and Loved Ones

The Ultimate DNA Fight Science Training Manual...

This manual will set you on the right track as it contains all the core fundamentals, and explains all about the DL architectural frame work.

So basically this manual will help you to understand the genuine essence of DL and the DNA Fight Science Program.

Packed with crucial fundamentals, all of which will lay the foundation for your future growth and development; miss these foundation builders and you will suffer the consequences in the future by way of poor understanding, improper transmission, and ultimately lack of genuine ability with the information presented to you

Read the manual carefully, and digest!...

Insiders All-Access Pass to Defence Lab

Get Insiders Access to the DL Team, Crew and Andy Norman.

Learn the philosophy, training methods and background the the DL Crew.

Learn the secrets of how to enhance your training by following the proven methods that Andy has developed for his Crew.

DL Student Training "Cheat-Sheet"

One of the biggest questions our students always ask is: "How can I get good - QUICKLY?"

There is no shortcut to learning.... you have to put in the time to train.  BUT - you can maximize your training time by following a set program and path.  The DL Crew is now providing you with their DNA Training Program Guide.

  • Learn DNA Fight Science the right way
  • What to focus on at each level
  • How often and what you should train
  • How to incorporate fitness into your training

PLUS - We're Throwing in 3 PRE-ORDER BONUSES!


Stealth Weapons Training Manual

>>> LIMIT First 50 Buyers <<<

Level the playing field with the DL Stealth Weapons Training Course....

You've seen top DL members wearing the stealth rings and other "secret" weapons - now you can understand how to use them, train with them and level the playing field against bigger, stronger and more nastier opponents.

  • Learn how to use the DL Stealth Weapons.
  • Learn how to employ easily found "Weapons of Opportunity" to survive the worst encounters.
  • Learn how to make your techniques work regardless of if you have a weapon or not.


X3 DL DNA "Shape-Shifting" Videos:
Can you Decipher "the code"?

>>> LIMIT First 100 Buyers <<<

Shapes are the essence of the DNA Fight System.  Using your shapes allows you easily DEFEND and ATTACK at the same time.

But - how can you move fluidly from one shape to another to open up another who series of attacks???

Now - Andy Norman and the DL Crew will provide you the movements and videos to teach you how to move in and out of shapes and instantly increase your arsenal of techniques.

  • x3 Shape-Shifting Training Videos
  • Learn how to move from one shape to another while attacking and defending the whole time
  • Instantly improve your fighting potential by unlocking new "paths" of techniques and attacks


X6 NuYu High-Intensity Workouts

>>> LIMIT First 200 Buyers <<<

NuYu Fitness is an advanced metabolic training program based on functional fitness principles.

It is designed to quickly burn fat whilst drastically improving cardio and muscular fitness. It also aids health by promoting mobility, flexibility and correct posture

  • Get in DL Fighting Shape
  • Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat
  • Accelerate Your Training by Getting in Fighting Shape!

"Andy Norman - He's Your Guy"

"Not only is he a great superb guy, but is now evolved this incredible defense system called DNA – Defense in Action.

If you really want a self-protection defense system, this is the way to go.

- Liam Neeson
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Awaken Your DNA - Enhance Your Fighting Skills - Protect Yourself, Your Family and Loved Ones

Get STARTED today - here is what you get:

  • x4 NEW DNA Fight Science Online Video Courses
  • The Ultimate DNA Fight Science Training Manual
  • Insiders "All-Access" Pass to the Andy Norman and the DL Crew
  • DNA Fight Science Training "Cheat-Sheet"

Act NOW for these FAST-ACTION bonuses:

  • Stealth Weapons Training Manual: Limit 50 Buyers
  • X3 DNA Shape-Shifting Videos: Limit 100 Buyers
  • x6 NuYU High Intensity Workouts: Limit 200 Buyers

World-Class Martial Artists Think.....

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