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5 Secrets of NOT Getting Hit and "Ghosting" Your Opponent

Do you like getting punched in the face?

Neither do we... We'll show the skills to Become an Elusive Fighter... like a Ghost.

Never get hit, hit from all angles, and light your opponent up!

They'll never see you coming....

Elusive and Unorthodox Fighting System Focusing on Dynamic Movement and Not Getting Hit!

The revolutionary new Ghost Elusive Combat System will change the way you fight forever!

The Ghost System has been developed and tested at the highest level and allows you to stand up and strike, evading the incoming punches to the head.  The system was developed using elusive movement to keep the head out of striking distance.

Do you like getting punched in the face? Ghost focuses on developing dynamic elusive movement first and striking second! This is because the shapes made from this unorthodox style mean the usual hitting techniques have to give way to new and unusual striking angles! The Ghost principle of constant movement also makes sure that your will develop a much higher level of fitness, so even if fighting not your game the health benefits from Ghost training are HUGE!

"It Shouldn't Be This Easy Not Getting Hit.... But It Is!"

MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing Champions share the 5 Secrets of Fighting like a Ghost.

They teach you their techniques, drills, and skills to help you become a Ghost Fighter.


Phil Norman and his team of professional fighters have developed and tested these skills in the ring, the cage and on the street.

Decades worth of research and fighting have gone into the Ghost Elusive Combat  System.

Now it's your chance to get a learn the secrets and fight like a ghost.

1.) Stay Out of No Man's Land

Develop the skill to stay out of range, while scoring hits of your own.

The beauty of the Ghost System is ... not getting hit!  The first "secret" and Ghosting series teaches you to stay out of range, but also allowing you to score your own hits.

2.) Get Off The Track

Make him miss ... and make them pay for it.

The second principle of Ghost is getting "off the track". This skill-set will teach you how to be-come a difficult target to hit defensively and offensively!

3.) Constant Movement

The Constant Movement Principles of Ghost make you hard to hit and gets you into incredible fighting shape.

Ghost is NOT a "stand and bang" fighting system.  You need to move!  You will develop EXCELLENT footwork, movement and core mechanics.

4.) Every Hit Has a Job

Every punch and hit has a job... It maybe to just smash him in the face, or blur his vision for the next attack.

Learn to be strategic with your punches and combinations.  Use unorthodox setups and movement to strategically place punches and hits with purpose.

5.) Seek and Keep the Initiative

Stay 1-Step ahead by Seeking and Keeping the Initiative.

Use the Ghost Elusive Combat Skills and the "O.O.D.A" principle to dominate and dictate the fight.

The Ghost Elusive Combat System Training Pack Includes:

  • x5 Ghost Elusive Combat Principles
  • Over 20 Videos teaching you how to Ghost Your Opponent
  • Learn Directly from Phil Norman, MMA & Boxing Champions
  • Access on your Iphone, Android, Tablet or PC.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ... AND x3 FAST-ACTION Bonuses!
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Your Ghost Fighting Instructors

Learn directly Ghost Fighters Phil Norman, Jake Clark and Xavier Sedras.

Phil Norman: Founder of Ghost

MMA, Kickboxing, and Fighting Legend: Phil Norman

Phil Norman started training in martial arts from the age of 16. He became the first UK based student to pass Ajarn Surachai Sirisute’s Thai test and he also received his Initiateur (Instructor) in Boxe Francais Savate under Professeur Salem Assli in 1998. The following year Phil was honoured to become an apprentice instructor in Jeet Kune Do and Kali / Silat under Guro Dan Inosanto.

Phil's athletic ability and martial arts training stood him in good stead in 1992 when he participated in a television programme called 'Gladiators'. He went on to win the season and represented the UK in the international programmes in the USA and in South Africa. It was from these TV shows that Phil picked up the fight name 'The Gladiator', a title he has never quite been able to shake off.

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With most of Phil's instructors being based in the USA, it was difficult to get quality instruction for his personal training locally. This led him to start training with a close friend whom he had met through security work, namely Trevor Ambrose, a World Champion kick boxer (later winning 4 other World Title Belts!). Phil trained with Trevor privately almost on a daily basis and went with him to compete in France at a Kick Boxing event (both winning their fights, Trevor by KO, Phil by stoppage). It was shortly after this, that Phil suffered a severely prolapsed disc and his doctor told him that he would never be able to do martial arts again! Phil was laid up for 6 months and struggled to come to terms with the injury. "I realised I could not rely on my body to make an income, so I took pain killers and went to University and studied sport science". During this time Phil started to make a remarkable recovery and went back to training, at first very gently with specific back exercises, but it was not long before he was back training in the martial arts.

Phil was invited to join the British Sport Ju Jitsu Team for a training weekend and subsequently asked to represent Great Britain in World Championships. In 1998, 2 years after being told he would never be able to compete in martial arts again, Phil won the middle weight Sport Ju Jitsu World Title, beating fighters from Japan, Canada and the USA. He continued to compete and fought on one of the early Mixed Martial Art shows held in the UK, 'Night of the Samurai', winning by KO and becoming the British Champion. In 2000 Phil took and passed the Shooto exam under Sensei Yorinaga Nakamura and became the first UK student to get a 100% pass rate. In the same year, he became one of only 5 Students in the UK to be awarded the honour of his Full Instructorship under Guru Dan Inosanto.

At the age of 40 Phil fought one last time in MMA, breaking his hand and foot, securing a points win regardless after which he decided his body had had enough abuse and retiring from competition. This led to a time of reflection and the ‘bringing together’ of the elusive fighting system he has named Ghost™ elusive combat.

Phil would like to thank his senior instructors who were not specifically mentioned above:

Sifu Rick Faye

Sensei Erik Paulson and

UK JKD Instructors Rick Young, Bob Breen, Terry Barnett and Ralph Jones.

What You'll Receive in Your Ghost Training Pack

The Ghost Online Training Pack will provide you with the 5-Essential Secrets of Fighting Like a Ghost.  This Online Pack is designed to give you the skill-sets and tools to enhance you MMA, Kick Boxing or Boxing fighting ability

  • x5 Ghost Elusive Combat Principles
  • Over 20 Videos teaching you how to Ghost Your Opponent
  • Learn Directly from Phil Norman and his Ghost Fighting Champions
  • Access on your Iphone, Android, Tablet or PC.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • BONUS #1: Ghost Stories - The Beginning, The Journey, Making your Ghost Functional and More
  • BONUS #2: Ghost Interviews - learn the vision, the mindset and approach from the founder and Ghost Fighters
  • BONUS #3: Ghost Sparring - See how to spar using the Ghost Fighting Principles


Ghost Sparring BONUS

Learn how to spar and improve your Ghost Fighting skills in our Sparring Bonus.  Learn directly from our professional fighters: Phil, Jake and Xavier

Ghost Stories BONUS

Hear the Rise of the Ghost Fighters story and the amazing journey of Phil Norman and the Ghost Elusive Combat System.

Ghost Interviews BONUS

See what makes a "Ghost Fighter Tick".  Get an in-depth understanding on using the Ghost System and hear how to develop yourself into a Ghost Fighter.


I have known and trained with Phil Norman for over 25 years. I've watched him take his wealth of fighting and martial arts experience and evolve it into one of the most radical approaches to sport combat within the last 20-30 years.

Not only is Phil an incredible martial artist, fighter and instructor; but he has an extremely creative and innovative brain.

The success of this training methodology is now being showcased through his growing stable of fighters. Not only are his fighters winning in spectacular fashion, but they are incredible and entertaining to watch!

I look forward to seeing his continued success with his fighters and the Ghost System!

Andy "Storming" Norman - Defence Lab Founder

Phil Norman’s Ghost Elusive Combat is an innovative and modern system which rips up the rule book in combat sports competition.  One of the best things I have seen.  How many people in a century fundamentally change the paradigm?  Galileo, Einstein… Phil has created something unique and outstanding.

Bob Breen - 4D Combat Founder | JKD Legend

Phil Norman’s Elusive Ghost Method is simply genius. I only wished I had thought of it myself!

Eddie Quinn - The Approach Founder

I think it's fantastic. Here is one of the absolute top martial artists in the world putting his stamp on the martial art world. This system is a real stroke of genius.
If you are a competitor in any martial art realm and you like the idea of winning without taking punishment then this is for you. I have always had the utmost respect for Phil Norman and this is him all the way. So, for the sceptics that keep asking "what I think", I could not be more proud to be associated with a great martial artist who has truly done what Dan Inosanto told us all to do. He personalized his methods. Well thought out and proven those who know me know I am not into hype. Check it out and you will grow from the experience.

Rick Faye - MKG Head Instructor

Ghost Fighting’ is an intelligent solution to the age-old question of how to minimise being hit by an opponent and, when it is demonstrated by someone of Phil’s calibre, evolution and execution come together to make those watching true believers.

Terry Barnett - JKD Instructor

Phil Norman one of the most complete martial artists i have worked with, has finally come up with way to teach the elusive style of fighting, which many of great Champions in the past where born with the gift and where label unorthodox.

Trevor Ambrose - Professional Boxer | 5 x World Kick Boxing Champion

The Ghost Elusive Combat System Training Pack Includes:

  • x5 Ghost Elusive Combat Online Learn Courses
  • Over 20 Videos teaching you how to Ghost Your Opponent
  • Learn Directly from Phil Norman, MMA & Boxing Champions
  • Access on your Iphone, Android, Tablet or PC.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ... AND x3 FAST-ACTION Bonuses!
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