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How To Use Provocation In Self-Defence Situations

Action-Reaction is part of life. As human beings, we react to situations and in self-defence, this is ever more present. After all, how many fights have been started by someone shouting an insult followed by …”what did you just call me?” We are prone to reacting to insults, comments and of course threats. But this […]

How To Grow Your Self-Defence School in 2019

  If you are reading this blog you have clicked on the headline because it caught your attention. And I am guessing that you either run a self-defence school or would like to. If so, great because in this post I am going to show you exactly how to grow your self-defence school in 2019. […]

The Dark Side Of Self-Defence

  There is a term in self-defence and it is called ‘legally compliant’. This term has been around for a long time now, and it refers to the simple process of looking at the actions you take in self-defence and seeing if they were within the law. So, for example; If someone attacked you, you […]

Who Eats First And Why It Matters To Self-Defence

  This blog has covered a lot about the hidden culture of self-defence. The reason is that culture or tribes as you might call it dictates so much around combat. The gang that attacks us, the stranger that robs us do so because they see us as different to them. And for that reason violence […]