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How To Deal With A Set-Up

  Have you ever seen a set-up? Here is how they happen: A man is in a club or bar and says ‘hey mate why are you looking at me?’ You weren’t so you say that, and he is all forgiving and even starts to chat with you. Eventually, you drink up and leave with […]


5 Rules To Survive A Bar Fight

  A bar, pub or nightclub is a very destructive place to be, and it can be unforgiving. From stairs, solid wood floors, glass tables and the dark it would be tough to imagine a more dangerous place. Oh and add to that the fact that everyone is walking around armed ( with a drinking […]


Who Can You Trust With Your Safety?

  Most people reading this blog have loved ones.  An individual or family that they care deeply for. Sometimes that worry keeps us awake. From the teenage daughter that stayed out with friends and didn’t tell you where she was, to the son who has gone to the house party, or the friend who went […]