About Defence Lab


Defence Lab is “a place of investigation”…

The scientific study of physical and mental aspects of reality-based combat and self-defence.

Defence Lab’s DNA Fight Science is a free thinking reality-based combat system.

The ever developing DNA Fight Science here at Defence Lab is constantly adjusting and EVOLVING with its surroundings. Techniques, principles and philosophies are always tested to answer the question “Does it Work?”

We never believe that it’s “perfect”….  Always watching, listening, training, testing and ultimately EVOLVING..

  • Global Network

    Defence Lab has over hundreds of locations world-wide offering our programs: DNA Fight Science Program, DL Kids and NuYu Fitness.

  • Reality-Based Combat

    Defence Lab’s DNA Fight Science is an Evolution of Reality-Based Combat Martial Arts / Self-Defence.

  • Fitness

    All of our Defence Lab classes offer a great physical workout and are just fun!  We also offer our NuYu Fitness for dedicated fitness training.

  • Martial Arts Business

    Martial Arts Business is a tough industry.  There are many talented instructors in martial arts, who struggle in business.  Defence Lab offers martial arts business, marketing, and consulting services.

Our Programs

DNA Fight Science

The new DNA Fight Science Program devised by Andy Norman and Defence Lab is an EVOLVED Combat System that was developed by over 20 years of training, real-life experiences, testing… and trying to answer the question: “DOES IT REALLY WORK?”

DL Kids

The DL Kids Program is a practical self defence and fitness program for children, taught alongside ethical, moral and character education and motor skill development. It is designed to teach children self-defence and character building; without generating any violence.

NuYu Fitness

NuYu Fitness –  The amazing Meta-Blast workouts are based upon Functional Fitness training principles. The key to functional exercise is integration. It’s about teaching all of the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently. Functional fitness training prepares you to tackle everyday life and supports a healthy and fit body.

Combat Sports

The new Combat Sports Programme devised by Javier Gómez and Defence Lab is an EVOLVED Combat System that was developed over 25 years of training with the most important and recognizable names in the world of “combat sports’. It involves all the most important combat sports, such as, Thai Boxing, Grappling and MMA (Mix Martial Arts).

DL Hollywood

Andy Norman has been working as a fight consultant to the Hollywood since 2004 when Paul Jennings (Top Hollywood Second Unit Director) gave Andy his first big break in Batman Begins. Andy has gone on to Consult and work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

DL Business

Defence Lab offers Martial Art and Fitness Business Opportunities and Education.  We have opportunities in our signature DNA Fight Science Program, DL Kids and NuYu Fitness.Become part of a martial arts and martial arts business… EVOLUTION.

DL Instructor Program

Our Defence Lab Instructor Program is an opportunity for you to teach, train and earn an income doing what you love!  We do not over “1-day” certifications.  The instructor program is designed to give you the martial arts and martial arts business skills to succeed.

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