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Should You Shake An Aggressors Hand?

  Let’s set the scene. You have just had an issue with someone, a dispute with an aggressor. It could be in the street; it might be a road rage incident, it might be in a club. And then they put their hand out to offer a symbol of peace, a white dove if you […]

How To Deal With Knife Attacks From Behind

  There has been a recent spate of knife attacks in London with an even more shocking tactic used than previously seen. The attacker was stabbing people in the back. This is not like a knife attack where the person was using the blade as a threat; these are sudden and unprovoked attacks. And in […]

The Best Defence To Knife Attacks (Ever Created)

  A quick search on YouTube can reveal thousands of videos on Knife defence and several with millions of views. It is without a doubt that defending our lives from knife attacks fascinates us. And with good reason, a knife is a truly terrifying weapon. It is available ion any home and can be purchased […]

How To Use Provocation In Self-Defence Situations

Action-Reaction is part of life. As human beings, we react to situations and in self-defence, this is ever more present. After all, how many fights have been started by someone shouting an insult followed by …”what did you just call me?” We are prone to reacting to insults, comments and of course threats. But this […]