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Should You Split Up A Fight?

  Would you split up a fight? It is a simple question that we never pay any attention to but we should. In the UK we have recently heard that 52-year-old Peter Ducan, a solicitor in Newcastle Upon Tyne was stabbed in the heart by a 17-year old using a screwdriver. It appeared he had […]

The Kids That Take Down Adults

When I went to his house to take a statement, I was in shock. There he stood, not the usual victim of an assault that I was used to seeing as a Police Office, but a huge mountain of a man. Standing 6 ft 5 inches tall and weighing at least 18 stone, he shook […]

Understanding the 4 Phases of Self-Defence Training

  Self-defence is essential for everyone, but at differing stages of life and for various reasons. In this article, we look at each phase and explain why it is important to start training Ready. Let’s do this: Phase 1: Children Children need to learn self-defence but not because their lives are generally at risk. After […]

Should You Shake An Aggressors Hand?

  Let’s set the scene. You have just had an issue with someone, a dispute with an aggressor. It could be in the street; it might be a road rage incident, it might be in a club. And then they put their hand out to offer a symbol of peace, a white dove if you […]