The Kids That Take Down Adults

When I went to his house to take a statement, I was in shock. There he stood, not the usual victim of an assault that I was used to seeing as a Police Office, but a huge mountain of a man. Standing 6 ft 5 inches tall and weighing at least… (25)

Should You Shake An Aggressors Hand?

  Let's set the scene. You have just had an issue with someone, a dispute with an aggressor. It could be in the street; it might be a road rage incident, it might be in a club. And then they put their hand out to offer a symbol… (24)

How To Deal With Knife Attacks From Behind

  There has been a recent spate of knife attacks in London with an even more shocking tactic used than previously seen. The attacker was stabbing people in the back. This is not like a knife attack where the person was using…