Is Defence Lab Better Than Boxing?

One of the questions I get asked is this, 'Is Defence Lab better than boxing, Kickboxing or Thai Boxing?" And in this article, I am giving you the answer. Ready? Let's do this. Boxing Is Tough The first thing we need to get out of… (37)

Should You Split Up A Fight?

  Would you split up a fight? It is a simple question that we never pay any attention to but we should. In the UK we have recently heard that 52-year-old Peter Ducan, a solicitor in Newcastle Upon Tyne was stabbed in the… (34)

The Kids That Take Down Adults

When I went to his house to take a statement, I was in shock. There he stood, not the usual victim of an assault that I was used to seeing as a Police Office, but a huge mountain of a man. Standing 6 ft 5 inches tall and weighing at least…