Friendship- The Real Reason Defence Lab Students Come Back Each Week


Friends- Surround Yourself With Great People

We have talked about the magic of Defence Lab plenty of times on this blog, however lets really make it clear today. Defence Lab is all about people!!! Real people.

When Andy  Norman set about creating his vision of self defence training we now know as Defence Lab he did so with a healthy goal and surrounded himself with people with the right attitude​s. Andy himself very often talks about building a great team!

​The end result is that Defence Lab has grown globally and its not out of luck. You see Defence Lab has a simple approach that started with Andy Norman and its called friendship.  His team are no different, in fact this is what makes Defence Lab so special,  it invests in people and gives back ten fold!

Defence Lab​-  The  Martial Art of Friendship

If you are friends with anyone who takes part in Defence Lab you will see something pretty regularly, them talking about how good the last class was​. They talk about it after training to those who were there, they talk about it on social media and they talk about it the next day with their friends  and work colleagues. But why does a self Defence Class become so infectious?  The answer is the careful mix  of fun and function!!

When you walk into a Defence ​Lab class you are welcomed, not just on your first session but on each and every session. Not just by the instructor  or his team but every ‘Labber’ says hello  and takes time to chat.  Why? Well part of it has to do with the fact that Defence Lab is just bursting with positive energy. The other part is to do with the unwritten acknowledgement between students. To a DL’er each and every student helps them  to improve, without other students then no Defence Lab student could ever improve.  We need each other and it is this through this bond that the friendships are forged.

​We all know that when you work as part of a team then great things happen, and to paraphrase Andy Norman himself “Alone is a very Lonely place to be”. 

The Same Feeling in Every Lab

So many people out there try and replicate what Andy has achieved with Defence Lab however ask Andy and he will tell you that Defence Lab is full of ‘Nice People’ that along with hard work has created a feeling that resonates throughout each and every Defence Lab.

Right now Andy and Team Storm have just returned from the USA Conference in New York. This is the second conference of its  kind and lets look at some of the comments on Facebook:

“Back in teaching last night after a fantastic trip to New York. Great time in the company of real innovators and a wonderful team. Lots of sharing, caring and generosity of spirit plus long hard training and some kick ass martial arts. The Tri-brand of Defence Lab, Ghost and 4D Combat works so well. Shared routes but different visions and ways to achieve the same end. Thanks to Andy Norman Jose Maria Gregori FenollosaGrek and the team for the unconditional love and respect which goes both ways. This is going to transform the future of martial arts. Feel very fortunate as I got to spend lots of time with Phil Norman and the ghosters plus the DL Crew. Also great to have Steve Payne showing his skills and expertise as we roll out 4D to the next generation of instructors. Lots happening. Keep you posted.​”  Bob Breen

“Home from an Epic trip! Didn’t think we could top the last years NY conference but we did in so many ways. Didn’t really see Andy’s vision with the Tri Brand until now. But I am just starting to grasp the magnitude and power of the DL, 4D Ghost Tri Brand. Feeling very fortunate to be in this position and in the company of pioneering martial art experts who are supported by a team who are leading the way in the industry. The weekend was incredible awesome training, amazing networking good times with good people. Great to see old friends and new, stronger bonds and the next generation of DL, 4D and Ghost coaching and pushing the Tri Brand positively forward.
If you are not all ready make sure you are on the Ghost page to keep up to date and by all means use the comment box to post pics and comments from the weekend let me get it started.. Phil Norman

“Another amazing Defence Lab US conference done. As I reflect upon my weekend, I think of how it’s not just the amazing training / physical activity and the related knowledge that is gained, but so much it’s the people that make these things incredible. Such awesome energy from everyone. I truly enjoyed every single person I had the privilege to speak to and get to know. Learning, laughing, networking, making connections…it’s what it’s all about! Thanks to Andy Norman and the whole DL Crew for the brilliant system.”

Now it’s time to take action!!! Very excited for all of the big things in the works- Kate  Gregori

“WMAA gang attended the Defence Lab USA conference in New York City this past weekend. The energy, camaraderie and instruction was amazing. Met and trained with some wonderful people, all there to help and push you throughout all the sessions.
Thanks to William Hartke Jr and Brandon Seiferth for their coaching throughout the weekend. Looking forward to more training sessions. You guys rock.
John Leabo and Mike Simon were great hosts. All the group from DL Lynbrook were awesome and extremely helpful through the training.
Training session with the DL crew, Ghost Elusive Fighting and 4D Combat was incredible. All the sessions opened my eyes considerably and made me realize there is always more to learn.
Another great road trip with the WMAA gang​”- Craig Mason

​Positive Training Attitude-PTA

​Having a positive training attitude (PTA) is essential, there is a myth that you need to come to training angry to get the most from it. Focus is the key to improvement and you should be able to turn it on like a switch!!

​When you got to DL class you will see smiling happy faces until each drill, then you see focus! It is this mix that gets DL students to grow both personally and also skilfully.  

​So if you want to become part of the DL Team, what are you waiting for? Click Here to Find your nearest Lab and come and experience both Defence Lab and our now famous training attitude for yourself, you wont be disappointed. 

​Until Next time Shape Shifters!!

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