The Evolution of Jeet Kune Do and Martial Arts


The Evolution of Jeet kune Do and Other Martial Arts

The current Google definition of the word Evolution is:

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  1. 1.
    the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

    synonyms: Darwinism, natural selection
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  2. 2.
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    synonyms: development, advancement, growth, rise, progress, progression,expansion, extension, unfolding; More

​We live in an era where martial arts systems suddenly appear and everyone jumps on the band wagon calling things ‘new’.  In actual fact there is nothing new in the martial arts instead we live in a constant system of evolution.

​The mistake of course is that people assume that because the way a martial art presents itself may be ‘new’ then the substance behind that art is also new. However this is not the truth, instead we are actually seeing an evolution take place, behind a new martial art is years of training and development.

The JKD Origins of Defence Lab​

​For those that don’t know, Defence  Lab has a long history with the art of Jeet Kune Do as its founder Andy Norman studied extensively under JKD Legend Bob Breen. 

Andy would often make a huge journey to train with Bob and Andy’s martial art later developed as he co founded the Keysi Fighting Method. However after 14 years of KFM Andy took the  next step and launched Defence Lab.

What happened is simple, Andy and his team gradually evolved what they were doing and in the process of evolution Defence Lab was born. Its not as if the past was forgotten or all the years of JKD  training was suddenly replaced, no it simply ‘evolved’ or to make it even more simple it gradually improved.

​Hold on, I know what you are thinking- “but those styles are perfect they don’t  need to evolve”. Sadly that is the view of a lot of people these days, and it is a self limiting view that is holding the arts back.

It is great knowing where you have come from and also showing respect ​to that art or system however there is nothing wrong with taking things forward onto a new path, if you look back at the various off shoots of Kung Fu we see this has happened throughout history.

Phil Normans Ghost​

the legends Phil Norman, Andy Norman and Bob Breen

​Phil Norman is a well know Jeet Kune Do expert, a former MMA fighter and his victory in TV’s Gladiators has resulted in him being known as one of the fittest combat athletes on the planet. However his combat system called Ghost is a classic example of innovation.

Phil​ has taken things from various arts, evolved them, adapted them and added to them to create what some will say is new  but I am sure Phil will say is the result of years of his own personal education and evolution. Check out the video below to see it in action:

​MMA fighters, boxers and other martial artists are now seeking out Phil because he has a system that is delivering results for those that use it.  However without the innovation that Phil has delivered Ghost would  not be here at all! Innovation is to be encouraged and not attacked on the internet by keyboard warriors.

Would You Convert To DL From Your Style?​

The ultimate question that is being faced by many martial artists now is whether they  should convert to Defence Lab from  their existing style. After all how  can they abandon their styles or systems? Isnt that selling out?

Well if DL was just a martial art then ​you could argue that it could be, however DL is so much more as innovation runs throughout everything they do.

You may recall that ​we  recently went to see Defence Lab instructor and Franchise owner Mikey Wright. This man went from working in a warehouse to running a Lab with over 140 students. However before Mikey became a DL instructor he was a Systema teacher. Ask Mikey and he will tell you that he loves Systema, he taught it and still to this day enjoys it. However he converted to become a DL instructor when he saw the power of Defence Lab. Not just in the techniques they use but in the business training they supply.

​If you have ever been to a Defence Lab business course you will know exactly what Defence Lab is all about. Andy Norman has created an amazing system that if you follow you will enjoy a great future in martial arts instruction.  I personally have been to several of them and each time I am blown away. Firstly they are hosted at a stunning hotel and then they  mix training in techniques with advanced training in business and if DL needs to bring in an expert they do! 

Is this selling out?

Certainly not. You  are joining a business that is delivering results​ for both the customer and the instructor and only recently we have had a team of Jeet Kune Do instructors and students convert to DL. Why? the same reason other people have, they want to  deliver a great product and earn a good living.

​No one bats an eye lid when a personal trainer opens up a cross fit box do they. Yet we know that in the personal training business there has been a lot of negativity towards cross fits methods. No one cares because people know that cross fit is delivering results for both its clients and its ‘box’ owners because of its business model.

Defence Lab is in the business of delivering results​ if you work hard and follow the method laid out then that same success that Mikey Wright has  enjoyed can be yours.

But I dont Know Defence Lab​

That’s  right you dont know Defence Lab yet, ​which is why Andy Norman and his team have already put together a great on line resource in their DNA Pack 1 and we are going to see the launch of their amazing online university soon. This is a way for you to get to know Defence Lab and what its about. 

However if you are currently a martial arts instructor with a good attitude ,  a Jeet Kune Do instructor, a Karate Instructor, a boxing coach or anything else where you have some students  already but you want to earn a full time living teaching martial arts but cant seem to be able to do so , well DL may just be the right thing for you to do!

Some people are happy teaching 10 guys and girls each week in a garage, they enjoy it and that’s cool but if you want a full time martial arts business you need a full time martial arts ​business system!

Do You Teach your System or Does Your System Teach You​?

The question is simple. Each week do you go out and teach your system of martial arts, no matter if its just you and 2  students​? Do you teach that system because you are convinced it is the best thing to teach? Would you teach that system even though you lose money every  year doing so?

If the  answer is yes and you are happy then thats great. However if the answer is yes and you arent happy perhaps you need to see if your system teaches you​.

Does your system teach you how to get new students? Does your system provide new and fresh material ​all the time?  Does your system provide regular free training from the source so that you  can maintain and increase your levels of skill and business ability? Defence Lab does.

Todays article looked at how martial arts needs innovation and how Defence Lab and its cross branding partners​ are at the forefront of that. 

If this has inspired you to consider a Defence Lab ​franchise then please go to Defence Lab.com  and ask for information. There are millions of people out there not training in martial arts or self defence, with Defence Lab we give you a system that is bringing those people into our great industry each week.

Remember innovation is not to be feared- it is to be embraced!​