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The story behind Crossfit is quite amazing. If you dont know it was founded by fitness coach Greg Glassman and Crossfit has grown to become a worldwide, household name. According to the ‘Box Magazine’

“In 1995, Glassman established a gym in Santa Cruz, Calif., and that same year, he was hired to train the Santa Cruz Police Department. Most of his civilian work had involved private training with individual clients. But as he began to get overbooked, he started doubling up clients and found that not only could he make more money (charging a reduced rate to two clients still equaled more money per hour for him), but those clients also often enjoyed the group activity. He found that he could still offer enough individual attention to each client to ensure safe and effective training. Thus the CrossFit community was born. CrossFit was formally established in 2000. The company’s first affiliate was CrossFit North in Seattle. By 2005, there were 13 affiliates. In 2012, a mere dozen years after the company started, there are 3,400 affiliates worldwide.”

​Its amazing to think that in 1995 one person started a business and then in 2012 there were 3,400 affiliates!! So how many are there now? 11,000!

That is what happens,things grow and then there is a tipping point​ to huge explosion and Defence Lab is on this path.

At this time Andy Norman the founder of  Defence  Lab is flying a team out to New York for the second Annual USA Conference​, why? Because DL is Global. 

​Defence Lab Delivers Results

Why do people train in martial arts?

Ill tell you- it is because they want to get fitter, learn to defend themselves, have fun and make friends​. It really is that simple.

Whilst we need to respect the origins of all arts, the married Dad of 3 comes to a class to get results, and they are those stated above. Just like Crossfit where people came to have fun and get fit, people are coming to Defence Lab to get results. They want a Functional system of Self Defence, meet new people  and feel part of something. As great as traditional martial arts are, the student with an essay due this week or a mum who has worked all day and just put her kids to bed and left them at home with her partner doesn’t have time to learn Kata’s or read at home about the history of an art.

This just doesn’t fit into modern life, and martial arts needs not just to be functional in terms of self defence, but functional in its place in modern life!

It is because of this that Defence Lab is growing​ faster each month. It delivers results, and it delivers them quickly.

Endorsed By Global Law Enforcement​

One of the things that people ask is “does Defence Lab work?”​. Well let me explain, our student base comprises not just of great people from all walks of life,  but we also have a huge amount of Law Enforcement Officers from around the globe. We have officers from the USA, Spain, Italy,  The UK,  Germany and a few other nations all training in DL.  

So why do they do this? ​Simply put it is because they have tried Defence Lab, once   tried it is rarely forgotten and our techniques work, our drills put people under pressure and we get people smiling. 

So if the law enforcement officers support DL,  we have more and more Labs​ across the globe and we have people from all walks of life-  just what is stopping you  trying DL?

Negativity- You Wont Find This in DL​

There are a lot of politics in martial arts​-   you wont  find this  in Defence Lab. We have students from Krav Maga,  JKD, Judo, Kickboxing and BJJ. 

It is this open attitude that attracts many to DL. Check  out what other people are saying about Defence Lab in the video below to see martial arts experts from other systems  talk  about Defence Lab and Andy Norman.

Martial Arts has a lot of negative attitudes, people that will  say “dont train in this style” or  “that system is  terrible” often basing it on a few seconds of Youtube video. Defence Lab is proud to sit outside of this political negativity  and instead  thrives on the positive attitudes in classes and the Instructor team. ​It is this attitude that remains constant in every Lab you will enter.

So in essence whilst DL is very very different than crossfit​  its growth is following a similar path  because it delivers results,  it  delivers positive experiences and  it delivers lots of satisfied students.

Until next time Shape Shifters!​

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  1. Stephen Munch
    Stephen Munch says:

    Since the age of fourteen I have studied Karate,Judo, pencak Silat as close combat for the street. One think I have learned as a combat Vet is your strength in between your ears. My point, I have friends,family, members of Ex-Army Ranger(2 tours 75th Ranger Brigade SouthEast Asia)) asking me what they they should focus on. Some are actually concerned that we will be invaded by highly trained solider and they want to train aggressively using a simple but effective fighting skill to fight. Noting is as simple as it seems. I need a third party opinion. I what Silat can do on the street and in combat. How does your system compare and how long can these guys get efficient to protect themselves using your system of fighting.

    Best Regards,

    Stephen Munch

    MARK INGEMI says:

    Hello , DL
    Love this documentary. I have yet to try it out. Sorry I couldn’t make the Conference this time around , but I would like too the next time it happens again. Ive seen clips of DL on youtube , & on the website. Really avid about trying it. Thank you again for sharing this documentary clip. Talk to you soon.

    Mark Ingemi

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