Why Online Martial Arts Training is Now Essential




Online Martial Arts Training

Once upon a time I had these weird blocks of plastic, at first they were called ‘Betamax’ and later another version of these blocks came out and these were called ‘VHS’.

Anyway, I went to a store called a ‘video’ shop and hired and nor purchased these items. You couldn’t afford to buy them because they were so expensive and as such you rented them for either a night or 2 nights.  Years later they became cheap enough to buy, and then the revolution of home entertainment began and along with it, the era of home martial arts training.



Now for many of the readers of this blog this will make you chuckle and for others it might show how old I am!! The reason I say it in this slight tongue in cheek manner is because for many people the use of home martial arts training has become an evil entity, when it has been around for a long time and in this article I will be showing just how important it is!

How Online Training is Changing the World



Before we go further on this journey let us dispense with the idea that online training is all about making money. This is not the case for Defence Lab nor the vast majority of on-line educators. If you look at Defence Lab we have a variety of free videos right here on our site, and trust us Andy Norman and his team work very hard on each video!



However, education is an exchange and it is only right that people are rewarded for helping others to add to their own knowledge and skill levels. Going on a College course costs money, going to University costs money and as we will see on line training in every other aspect of life costs money. Martial Arts training is no different, yet very often great providers will offer free trials, free videos, and usually a money back guarantee. This is all about customer satisfaction.



You may be familiar with Udemy, they are an on-line education centre where you can gain courses in virtually anything you want. However let’s consider their size- according to Udemy themselves they deliver courses for;


8 Million students, they have 30 million course enrolments and over 6.5 million minutes of video content.


Now if you look at this even further Udemy has a stories section where you can really get an idea of the value that on-line training can add to your life. From the barber that needed to learn how to build a website to the man who wanted a better life for his family and decided to move abroad and launch a new career.


Just like these stories, on-line martial arts education is important.

Watching Erik Paulson and Frank Shamrock Videos Helped My Training


I used to have to buy video’s because they were the only way I could learn from people like Don ‘The Predator’ Frye, Mark kerr, Royce Gracie and Marco ‘The King of the Streets’ Ruas. I was desperate to learn how these guys fought so I watched them all.


This lead to a very expensive video habit, spending £100 per month, training 6 days a week doing boxing, Judo, Submission grappling and Vale Tudo. I would imagine my training costs went to about £300 per month. Yet the best discovery I ever made was by watching Erik Paulson and Frank Shamrock videos and later DVD’s.


These were perhaps the best coaches on video I had ever seen and many times their training helped me to tap out opponents, escape holds and also the techniques helped me in real life self-defense situations.


What I took away from buying hundreds of videos was that not all on camera instruction is great, and not all instructors are great ‘on camera’.


Now please consider this, there was no ‘money back’ option for me these days. If the video was terrible I had just blown £25, which was a huge amount of money back then.


As I have said, now you have free video’s, online cash back options and many many more ways to reduce the risk to you the customer. My friend Dan Faggella is one of the world’s number 1 on-line marketers and he often lets people try on-line products for just 1 dollar! How fair is that.

Why You Need On-line Training


Now that we know that I have used on-line (and video) training for years, let us look at why it is so important for you to start as well.


At Defence Lab we have a variety of On-Line options already in existence. From our DNA Pack to our free videos. We also have online instructor training videos for those that run Labs.


The Gracie family have a huge on-line training programme as well for their Jiu Jitsu as do many other top stars in a range of sports. But why?


The answer is really simple, to allow students to improve at a far faster pace than ever before. This seems to be the key aspect that people forget when criticising on-line education, however, it is all about improvement and evolution of the student.


I used to make notes of the classes I went and I still recommend this as well, yet having the ability to go back home and view the videos of the techniques I learned is the next step in solidifying what I did this week, and it also allows me to train it every day on my own or with a friend.


I did this recently when I was training with Defence Lab owner Mikey Wright. Mikey showed us the DL technique called the ‘Obliterator’ and it was amazing. However when I got home that night I wanted to make my notes and luckily I had access to the DL DNA Pack 1 to make sure I refreshed my mind, got the notes down right and I was also able to perfect the technique on my own.


The other option I had was to do nothing. I could have come home and forgot my training and hoped it would somehow have stayed in my mind.

How Serious Do You Take Your Own Development and Training?


If you do not take your training and personal development seriously then on-line training, no matter how good will not help you and you might as well be watching an episode of Coronation Street (our international readers will need to Google that!)


I personally take my own training very seriously and always have, even now when I am unable to train the way I want due to health issues I pay for access to 3 online martial arts programmes and another 3 business development programmes.


In my house, there are boxes of books of notes I have written from as early as the age of 14.  I had a training diary on my food, my running, the instructional videos I watched, new techniques and even a diary to look at my fitness levels.

None of this has ever resulted on success on it’s own, however when combined with taking massive ACTION it has lead to some amazing events taking place within my life.


The same applies with you, if you just buy on-line training and just watch it, then nothing will happen. Yet, if you get off your backsides and either train with friends or at a class then great results will come to you.

Now none of this so far has really told you why training On-line is essential. So here it is;


If you really want to become better at anything, then supplementary on-line training can and will help you. Both in martial arts and any other aspect of life.


Learn a language? Then learn it faster with on-line training.


Take Swimming Lessons? You will be able to improve your technique with on-line training.


There is no end to how additional training will assist you and this is why it is now essential because we all  have limited time on this world.


Don’t get me wrong, the journey of learning is great, but as humans we tend to stick at things when we see faster results. Weight loss, the ability to code a website and the ability to shape shift are just a few examples. If your skill improves at a faster pace then you are going to feel happier and will carry on.


Online training really does deliver results if you use it the right way.

I Can’t Afford Any More


Many times I hear this “I can’t afford to spend any more”, “I can’t afford to grade”, “I can’t afford to……..”.


Sometimes this may be true but when you see the same people posting pictures or status updates of them in the pub or out with friends I refuse to buy into the, ‘I cant afford’ issue.


This comes as a choice when people decide that one thing is more valuable to them than another.


There is nothing wrong with this but don’t use a lack of finances as an excuse if you choose another option.


That is the great thing about on-line training, it is affordable and if used correctly will help you reach your goals and whilst I think it is essential, it still remains ‘optional’.



I hope you have followed this article and looked at just why I believe on-line training is essential if you want faster growth and improvement.


Now it is up to you. I would love to see you go to our Online Training and check it out. However if there is another area of life you wish to study then go to the web and take a kook at the wealth of information out there, but remember…. Information is useless without ACTION!


Take Care


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  1. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    I have a quick question…I grabbed the dl training package a whole ago and haven’t seen an update for the online course. I live in the state of utah and no where near a dl training facility. So do I need to go to another website to get my dl training or….

  2. Joel
    Joel says:

    My degree was half earned online. I use MIT’s Open CourseWare system all the time for research into work and expanding my IT knowledge. I think Online Training is a great resource. That’s part of why I’m here. No local schools, but there’s still a good training resource available.

  3. Colm Whooley
    Colm Whooley says:

    I think online training is a great resource to complement your training, as a wheelchair user I have used online training to evaluate what will work for me and then gone and trained with relevant instructor

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