Why You Need A Powerful Reason To Fight Back



If you were to look around the world, you will see a never-ending abundance of one thing.

Evil people.

We have shortages of food, water, clothing, peace and of course houses but one thing we have plenty of is bad folk.

It is as if the world has decided to give us more of the one thing we need less of.

I could get in my car right now and end up within 10 minutes seeing someone drive like an idiot and put my life at risk.

I could go up to the town for a drink tonight and again meet several of the worlds idiots who have decided it is super cool to drink 10 pints of high strength lager while snorting cocaine off the top of the toilet.

But it does not matter at all.

It matters not that these bad people seem to grow like Gremlins.

It doesn’t matter that it seems the world has more evil people than bacteria.

When one of these bad people decide to attack you all that matters is one thing.

You must you know what you are fighting for.

And in this article, we are going to address something I call ’emotional bankruptcy.’

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.


If You Haven’t Got A Reason To Fight  Back, You Won’t Win

My reason to fight back against attack is my kids.

What is yours?

Now for many of you, this is a simple answer. You may have a close loved one that you would walk through hellfire and brimstone just to be near.

But for some, this can be an issue.

In fact, a lot of nasty people are that way because of things going on in their lives or things that have happened to them.

What happens is that they do not have an anchor, a reason not to fight.

My kids are also the reason I didn’t smash the crap out the guy who kept staring at me when I was out the other day.

My kids are the reason he didn’t meet all 16 stone of black belt martial artist.

I know that violence = stress, paperwork, pain, misery and sometimes death.

I want to keep those things as far away from my kids as possible

So my ‘reason’ to fight back if attacked is also ‘my reason’ not to attack people and fight too.

For some people, they simply do not have an ‘anchor’ like this.

(some do and just ignore it)

Now for yourself to be truly tough to defeat you need to know in advance what your ‘anchor is’.

It might be the fact you just love life.

It might be as simple as ‘you will never lose’.

Or it could be your wife or husband.

Whatever your reason for fighting back you need to be able to summon that upon demand.

Because ‘your reason’ is what will drag you up to your feet when you get knocked down.

And trust me if you do not have a reason to fight back hard, the bad guys will win!


Emotional Bankruptcy ‘Session In Progress’

If you have spent any time with a vile human being, you will learn one thing. When it comes to emotions, they are bankrupt.

The only time I have seen truly evil people breakdown is when they lose their freedom to be bad people.

I have seen men whose children were just taken into care sit back down and watch the football as if it was the pizza delivery guy just knock at the door.

I have spent time with murderers who only 10 hours earlier killed someone yet here they were drawing doodles with a pen and paper.

These people do not care if you plead with them and say ‘I have kids’, they don’t care if you are pretty, have a good job, go to church or walk old folk over the road.

They care about their objective.

They care about their desire.

They are about one thing, and it is them!

These people care about stabbing you; they care about smashing your teeth out, they care about raping you, they care about leaving you for dead so they do not go to jail.

Now once you get your head around this fact, you can go straight to the whole fighting back thing.

Yes, sometimes we can ‘de-escalate’ but often we are going to need to kick the shit out of the opposition, and the faster we realise this, the quicker we can go home safe and well.


Why Your Reason Matters

Ok, so there we are.

It is raining and cold.

We have just been dragged into an alleyway by a crazy 6 ft 3-inch maniac who wants to rob, rape and leave us for dead.

This is real, and this is happening.

At this point the fact that you trained for two years ( but stopped going because, well if we are honest you started to date this really nice person and then work got busy and then kids came along and then…) does not matter

No, none of that matters now because you are about to fight the scariest human being you ever saw and you might lose your life.

This is exactly why you need a reason to fight.

At this moment you are going to have to fight.

You can’t tap out or wait to be rescued.

And then it dawns on you, the faces of your kids, your loved ones or hell maybe even your BMW (I hope it’s not the car but hey each to their own).

And it is with that image in your mind you hit harder, your body moves faster, and even when you take a punch, you keep moving forward.

You do it because you have a reason to fight.

My top tip is simple.

Find your reason to fight and burn it in your memory.

Now when you hit your next training session remind yourself of the reason you are training.

Put yourself in that alleyway against the maniac and do not train for yourself, train for the reason.

Train with purpose and intent, and you will train far harder and improve far faster.

Thanks for reading